“Stockholm is not only the home of global game changers Niclas Zennström and Daniel Ek, Skype and Spotify respectively. Stockholm is also a global role model in city governance.

Essen International rebranded Stockholms stad, It was initiated by the need to coherently communicate a wide range of offerings, everything from world museums to scavenging. Stockholm is taking a giant leap forward, fueling its progress with the help of one strong vision, identity and statement. Stockholm is truly becoming the Capital of Scandinavia.

The updated brand is flexible enough to support the city’s many functions and responsibilities and is orbiting around the taylor-made typeface Stockholm Type and the clarified symbol of St:Erik – the patron of Stockholm.”

LovinIt Rebranding EssenInternational Stockholm

Connect with your Bic

I guess we’ve pretty much given up on the idea of seeing flying cars in our lifetime, well the focus right now is on much more attainable goals of future transportation.

The Vanhawks Valour bicycle looks like it will fit the bill nicely for urban commuting.

It starts with the carbon fiber body, resulting in a bike that weighs less than 16 pounds—perfect for hiking up three flights of stairs. The Valour is also more than ready to interact with your smart devices,

1. Giving you the best route to your destination.

2. Turn-by-turn navigation, and tracking your time, speed, distance, and calories.

3. There’s also futuristic safety features, as the bike offers blind spot detection, with vibrating handlebars if you veer into traffic.



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